999 USD

Tonight Apple will present the next iteration of iPhone and iOS6 is about to come.

Will it bring wanted features? Yes!

Will it bring more pain to developers? Yes!

The latter is the reason that I will give up developing for iOS in the near future. Since I did this a hobby that's not a big loss for the fruit company and neither for me. It's my spare time and I don't need to fill it with pain. Maybe I will be paid in future to endure this pain then I will speak Objective-C again.

It was fun also and a big thank you goes out to all who bought QuickMinder and the little but impressive crew that made the beta testing. I've learned a lot on that way and that's what "coding just for fun" is all about.

What has that to do with USD 999?


Almost nothing.

I've decided to test if raising the price to the max for 1 day would cause any eruptions.

Like: would one really buy the app for this price? I doubt that. Will it raise a red flag somewhere? Will it put the app in front of the iTunes store? I don't know but I am curious :-)