Quickminder (updated)

This software was sold in the Apple Appstore but is not available anymore

A thought, an idea, something you need to do crossed your mind: capture it quick, easy and fast with QuickMinder. Predefine up to four recipients for your thoughts and send them via email. It takes just two steps: Type your text in QuickMinder, push the button with your predefined recipient and the email will be sent. Set up once and you are good to go.


  • universal app, runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • iPad: up to four recipients for your emails
  • iPhone/iPod touch: up to two recipients for your emails
  • look recipients in your address book
  • uses the first line of text as a subject
  • use a predefined subject
  • turn off word correction if you like
  • delete text automatically after you have sent your message if you like
  • show keyboard directly after start, be quicker with writing
  • runs in portrait and landscape mode
  • sends mail using your mail account, mails come from you, no extra service needed
  • insert current GPS coordinates if you like
  • supports Retina Display
  • supports creating and attaching photos
  • supports TextExpander Touch