Boost up again

If you want to create (Qt) C++11 projects and use the Boost Library you will probably notice that it is very convenient if the Boost libraries are also compiled with C++11. I needed just the Filesystem library, so here it goes in short form (compiled with clang on OSX 10.7.5):

$ export build=~/devtools
$ cd $build/boost_1_53_0_cpp11/
$ ./b2 --clean-all
$ rm project-config.jam*
$ ./ --with-toolset=clang --with-libraries=filesystem
$ ./b2 cxxflags="-stdlib=libc++" linkflags="-stdlib=libc++"
$ cd $build/boost_1_53_0_cpp11/stage/lib
$ for DYNLIB in $(ls libboost*.dylib);do install_name_tool -id "$(pwd)/${DYNLIB}" "$(pwd)/${DYNLIB}";done
$ for OUTER in $(ls libboost*.dylib);do for INNER in $(ls libboost*.dylib);do install_name_tool -change "${INNER}" "@loader_path/${INNER}" ${OUTER};done;done